Professor Emeritus of Politics at the University of Nottingham, David Childs is a British academic, political historian and journalist, whose considerable contribution to the advancement of German studies and the modern German state has equipped academics, students, governments and business leaders develop a greater knowledge of the history, politics and society of the former East and West Germany and the politics and society behind the country current German state and its role in Europe.

A¬†prominent commentator on British political history too, David’s wide knowledge of both domestic and international affairs has been utilised by both government and commercial organisations, such as The BBC, Sky News, The Guardian, The Independent, The Times, Ministry of Defence, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, The Royal Institute of International Affairs and an array of City firms.

He is also a prolific author on a wide variety of subjects, with well over 30 books in publication, and continues to lecture domestically and internationally. He has given lectures at over 60 universities and higher education institutions world-wide.

In September 2013, David was among a number of international observers following the 2013 German Federal Election. They travelled the length and breadth of Germany monitoring the various parties and witnessed Angela Merkel‘s famous third term victory as German Chancellor.

Stasi Opponent

As his file in East Berlin revealed, David was regarded by the East German secret police, the Stasi, as their most serious opponent in Britain. For many years he was spied upon in Britain by them and by other academics from the Uinited Kingdom – See Sunday Times, 5 February 1995, Welt am Sonntag, (Berlin),12 February 1995, Morgunbladid (Iceland), 16 March 1995, Evening Post Nottingham, 8 February 1996; The Independent on Sunday, 19 September 1999; Mail on Sunday, 19 September 1999; The Observer, 19 September 1999; Sunday Times, 19 September 1999; The Independent, 20 September 1999; The Times, 20 September 1999; Nottingham Evening Post, 21 September 1999; Bolton Evening News, 28 September 1999; Nottingham Evening Post, 9 November 1999. Times Higher Education Supplement, 11 February 2000.

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