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We Were No Heroes

We Were No Heroes - David's New Book gives an account of Martin Thomas, an Englishman who fought for the Waffen SS on the Eastern Front, survived a Soviet concentration camp, worked as a Stasi agent during the Cold War and witnessed the Fall of the Berlin Wall

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Britain Since 1945: A Political History - 7th Edition

Britain Since 1945: A Political History - 7th Edition

Britain since 1945 is the established textbook on contemporary British political history since the end of the Second World War. David Childs' authoritative chronological survey discusses domestic policy and politics in particular, but also covers external and international relations. This new and improved seventh edition of this important book brings the picture to the present by including the following additions: Tony Blair's resignation and Gordon Brown's accession to power immigration the financial crisis from 2007: the first bank run in Britain since 1866 the 'Special-relationship' with the US and Obama the 2010 General elcetion and the first coalition government since 1945 'Broken Britain' and Crime the era of ‘owned by China' and Britain’s place in a turbulent world.

Britain since 1945 is essential reading for any student of contemporary British history and politics.

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Britain since 1939 - Progress and Decline

This thoroughly revised new edition of David Childs' readable text offers a detailed yet succinct account of Britain's recent history. An introductory chapter focuses on the inter-war years, setting the scene for analysis of political, social and economic developments since 1939, including the impact of the Second World War, the last days of Empire, Ireland, the decline of the Conservatives and the Blair experience. Childs concludes that, despite the serious problems Britain faces, Britons are better off than ever in terms of prosperity and personal freedom.

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The Fall of the GDR 

The book charts the dramatic months leading to one of the most profound changes of the 20th century, the opening of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the restoration of German unity in 1990. The author analyses the nature of Communist rule in the GDR over 40 years, its few strengths and its many weaknesses, and the myths which grew up around it. This book places the GDR in its international setting as the proud ally of the Soviet Union in the Warsaw Pact. It examines the reactions abroad to the unfolding revolution.

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The Two Red Flags By David Childs - Click here to buy or review

The Two Red Flags : European Social Democracy and Soviet Communism Since 1945

Provides an incisive account of the impact of socialism on the life and politics of Europe and the former Soviet bloc in the twentieth century. Ranging from Britain and France, to Italy and Russia, this book covers the origins of socialism and communism and its various offshoots in those countries where it had the most impact. Here is an exciting and concise history that provides the reader with a real understanding of the forces at work, and the people who were involved - the role and personalities of Stalin, Kruschev, Reagan, Mitterand, Wilson and Blair are all considered.

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The Stasi By  David Childs, Richard Popplewell - Click here to buy or review

The Stasi
East German Intelligence and Security Service

The Stasi were among the most successful security and intelligence services in the Cold War. Behind the Berlin Wall, colleagues, friends, husbands and wives, informed on each other. Stasi chief, General Mielke, prided himself on this situation. Under Marcus Wolf, Stasi agents were spectacularly successful in gaining entry into the West German Establishment and NATO. Some remain undiscovered. Now, for the first time in English, two British experts reveal how the Stasi operated. Based on a wealth of sources, including interviews with former Stasi officers and their victims, the book tells a fascinating yet frightening story of unbridled power, misguided idealism, treachery, widespread opportunism and lonely courage.

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