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The Indepedent

Person Date Read Article Extract
Manfred Rommel 13/11/2013 Read Article Manfred Rommel: Field-Marshal's son who served as the popular and successful mayor of Stuttgart for 22 years
Claus Jacobi 11/09/2013 Read Article Claus Jacobi: Editor jailed during the 'Spiegel' affair
Rochus Misch 08/09/2013 Read Article More on the soldier who was proud to have been Hitler’s bodyguard
lorin Cioaba 22/08/2013 Read Article lorin Cioaba: Activist and 'King of the Roma'
Inge Lange 14/08/2013 Read Article Inge Lange: One of few women to hold power in the GDR
Nadezhda Popova 16/07/2013 Read Article Nadezhda Popova: Soviet pilot known as 'the Night Witch'
Doctor Werner Lang 07/07/2013 Read Article Doctor Werner Lang: Engineer who designed the Trabant car
Gyula Horn 30/06/2013 Read Article Gyula Horn: Politician who helped bring down the Iron Curtain
Professor Robert Fogel 16/06/2013 Read Article Professor Robert Fogel: Economic historian vilified for his research on slave plantations
Leopold Engleitner 24/05/2013 Read Article Leopold Engleitner: Concentration camp survivor
Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist 16/03/2013 Read Article Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist last known survivor of the 1944 plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler
Otfried Preussler 26/02/2013 Read Article Otfried Preussler: Bestselling author of children's books
Rem Vyakhire 14/02/2013 Read Article Rem Vyakhirev: Gas industry executive who built up Gazprom into a global player
Borislav Milosevic 01/02/2013 Read Article Borislav Milosevic: Diplomat who defended his brother Slobodan
Leon Leyson 24/01/2013 Read Article Leon Leyson: The youngest worker to be saved by Oskar Schindler
Peter Struck 02/01/2013 Read Article Peter Struck: Politician who lost faith in the Afghan campaign
Michel Slitinsky 20/12/2012 Read Article Michel Slitinsky: Resistant who exposed Vichyites
Birger Stromsheim 17/12/2012 Read Article Birger Stromsheim: One of the ‘Heroes of Telemark’
Sven Hassel 14/11/2012 Read Article Sven Hassel: Soldier who won the Iron Cross and wrote best-sellers
Patriarch Maxim 13/11/2012 Read Article Patriarch Maxim: Church leader under communism
Wilhelm Brasse 26/10/2012 Read Article Wilhelm Brasse: A photographer in Auschwitz
Tomas Sedlacek 06/09/2012 Read Article Tomas Sedlacek: General who fell foul of Stalinism
Abune Paulos 28/08/2012 Read Article Abune Paulos: Religious leader and peace activist
Walter Haefner 17/08/2012 Read Article Walter Haefner: Businessman and philanthropist
Margarete Mitscherlich 18/06/2012 Read Article Margarete Mitscherlich: Psychoanalyst who dealt with German post-war guilt
Gunther Kaufmann 21/05/2012 Read Article Gunther Kaufmann: Actor who was a favourite of Fassbinder
Fritz Theilen 03/05/2012 Read Article Fritz Theilen: Member of the Edelweiss Pirates, the children who resisted Hitler
The Independent 13/04/2012 Read Article Thomas Langhoff: Celebrated actor and theatre director
Timo Konietzka 15/03/2012 Read Article Timo Konietzka: Footballer andeuthanasia advocate
Knud Wollenberger 13/03/2012 Read Article Knud Wollenberger: Stasi agent who spied on his own family
MRD Foot 02/03/2012 Read Article MRD Foot: Historian who chronicled the work of the SOE
Leopold Hawelka 10/02/2012 Read Article Leopold Hawelka: Proprietor whose café played its part in the Cold War
Kazimierz Smolen 04/02/2012 Read Article Kazimierz Smolen: Auschwitz Museum founder
Dr Horst-Eberhard Richter 24/12/2011 Read Article Dr Horst-Eberhard Richter: Peace activist and psychoanalyst
Friedrich Kittler 21/11/2011 Read Article Friedrich Kittler: Media theorist influential in the fields of literary and cultural studies
Manfred Gerlach 25/10/2011 Read Article Manfred Gerlach:Last head of state of East Germany
General John Shalikashvili 03/08/2011 Read Article First foreign-born soldier to rise to become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Leo Kirch 16/07/2011 Read Article Leo Kirch: Entrepreneur who built up one of Europe's largest media empires only to see it fall apart
Hansjoachim Tiedge 14/07/2011 Read Article Hansjoachim Tiedge: Intelligence officer whose defection to the East caused panic in the West
Detlef Girrmann 08/07/2011 Read Article Detlef Girrmann: Lawyer who helped hundreds of students escape from East Germany
Professor Christian Lambertsen 07/05/2011 Read Article Professor Christian Lambertsen: Inventor of the scuba device known as 'father of the frogmen'
Arnost Lustig 01/03/2011 Read Article Arnost Lustig: Survivor of three Nazi concentration camps who became an award-winning author and aca
Walter Haussermann 14/02/2011 Read Article Walter Haussermann: Rocket scientist who worked on V1s and V2s then later for Nasa
Lord Windlesham 05/02/2011 Read Article Lord Windlesham: Government minister who fell out with Thatcher over 'Death on the Rock'
Jiri Dienstbier 18/01/2011 Read Article Jiri Dienstbier: Czech politician who supported the ‘Prague Spring’ and served in his country’s firs
Gerhard Beil 06/11/2010 Read Article Gerhard Beil: Politician who helped bring down the Berlin Wall
Hannelore Schmidt 28/10/2010 Read Article Hannelore Schmidt: Conservationist who worked to protect endangered plants
Walter Womacka 24/09/2010 Read Article Walter Womacka: East German painter who remained loyal to communism all his life
Bärbel Bohley 15/09/2010 Read Article Bärbel Bohley: Political activist who played a key role in the dismantling of the East German state
Benjamin Kaplan 10/09/2010 Read Article Judge who played a crucial role in preparations for the Nuremberg trials
Markus Liebherr 27/08/2010 Read Article Entrepreneur who saved Southampton FC
Geoffrey Johnson Smith 26/08/2010 Read Article Television journalist who became a Conservative M
Doctor Hans Sewering 17/08/2010 Read Article Doctor Hans Sewering: Physician whose activities under the Nazis caused controversy in later years
Günter Behnisch 07/08/2010 Read Article Günter Behnisch: The architect behind Munich's groundbreaking Olympic Stadium
Suzanne von Paczensky 12/07/2010 Read Article Suzanne von Paczensky: Campaigning journalist who fought for women's rights
Colonel Bud Mahurin 10/06/2010 Read Article Colonel Bud Mahurin: Pilot who shot down enemies over both Europe and the Pacific in the Second Worl
Günter Wendt 27/05/2010 Read Article Günter Wendt: Space engineer who fought for Germany in the Second World War then worked on Nasa’s Ap
Elisabeth Noelle Neumann 10/04/2010 Read Article Elisabeth Noelle Neumann was an internationally recognised pioneer of public opinion research who en
Wolfgang Wagner 24/03/2010 Read Article Composer's grandson who ran the Bayreuth Festival in sometimes controversial circumstances
Professor Gordon Smith 01/03/2010 Read Article Pioneer in the study of German and comparative European politics
Freya Gräfin von Moltke 08/01/2010 Read Article Freya Gräfin von Moltke was one of the last survivors of the Gestapo purge after the failed attempt
John Hurst 31/12/2009 Read Article John Hurst was a passionate campaigner for the NHS, civil liberties and public housing. Born in Redc
Hans Matthöfer 28/12/2009 Read Article Hans Matthöfer was the West German trade unionist who became Finance Minister under Helmut Schmidt a
Otto Graf Lambsdorff 15/12/2009 Read Article Otto Graf Lambsdorff, as he was known, had the distinction of serving as economics minister in Helmu
Günter Kießling 08/12/2009 Read Article The dismissal of General Günter Kießling at the end of 1983 sent shock waves through Nato and the Ge
Günther Rall 08/12/2009 Read Article Günther Rall, a seasoned German fighter ace who was still only 23 years old, was told he would not w
Bishop Werner Krusche 13/11/2009 Read Article Werner Krusche was a bishop in the East German Protestant Church who clashed with the ruling SED, Co
Josef Burg 29/09/2009 Read Article The award-winning Yiddish author Josef Burg was one of the few remaining known Yiddish authors in Eu
Karel Van Miert 13/07/2009 Read Article Karel Van Miert was best known for his work as European competition commissioner from 1993 to 1999,
Lord Dahrendorf 23/06/2009 Read Article The son of a Social Democratic Party politician and journalist, Ralf Dahrendorf looked destined for
Elfriede Gerstl 29/05/2009 Read Article Elfriede Gerstl was an award-winning Viennese writer and feminist campaigner who, as a Jewish child
Albrecht Schonherr 19/03/2009 Read Article Albrecht Schönherr helped to ensure that no blood was spilled during the struggles which led to Germ
Domenica Niehoff 07/03/2009 Read Article Known to her clients and her many fans as "Hamburg Domenica", Germany's best-known prostitute, Domen
Konrad Dannenberg 20/02/2009 Read Article Konrad Dannenberg was key to the NASA space programme which enabled Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin t
Hans Beck 12/02/2009 Read Article Hans Beck's invention, Playmobil, transformed a small, little-known toy firm into one of the leading
Adolf Merckle 09/02/2009 Read Article Adolf Merckle was one of Germany’s, and the world’s, richest entrepreneurs who, after 40 years of su
Johannes Mario Simmel 16/01/2009 Read Article The writer Johannes Mario Simmel wrote 35 novels whose serious themes – the Third Reich, the Cold Wa
Jörg Haider 13/10/2008 Read Article Jörg Haider, the right-wing Austrian politician and governor of Carinthia, was killed in a car accid
Fred Sinowatz 08/09/2008 Read Article Jörg Haider, the right-wing Austrian politician and governor of Carinthia, was killed in a car accid
Wolfgang Vogel 25/08/2008 Read Article Wolfgang Vogel lurked in and out of the shadows of Cold War Germany. He was known to many prominent
Lenka Reinerova 28/07/2008 Read Article Lenka Reinerova was one of that remarkable group of German-speaking writers which included Max Brod,
Erwin Wickert 19/06/2008 Read Article The diplomat Erwin Wickert witnessed the war in China, the beginning of change after Mao and faced B
Philipp Freiherr von Boeselager 05/05/2008 Read Article Philipp von Boeselager was haunted for most of his life by the fact that, as a 25-year-old lieutenan
Annemarie Renger 17/03/2008 Read Article The slight, elegant figure of Annemarie Renger was a familiar sight in leading West German circles f
Walter Kempowski 11/10/2007 Read Article Walter Kempowski was one of Germany's most widely read and prolific authors, with about 40 books to
Jupp Derwall 28/09/2007 Read Article The football coach Jupp Derwall took the West German national team to victory in the 1980 European c
Marion Grafin Yorck von Wartenburg 28/06/2007 Read Article Despite her success as a judge in post-war Berlin, Marion Gräfin Yorck von Wartenburg never escaped
Kurt Waldheim 15/06/2007 Read Article Very few Austrian politicians since 1945 have been known outside their own country, even in neighbou
Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker 23/05/2007 Read Article Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker was the last of the German team who researched atomic weapons for the
Professor Werner Maser 02/05/2007 Read Article Werner Maser was best known for his 1971 study of Hitler, Adolf Hitler: Legende, Mythos, Wirklichkei
Hans Filbinger 09/04/2007 Read Article Hans Filbinger's life revealed how Hitler's Third Reich has continued to haunt the German political
Markus Wolf 10/11/2006 Read Article Markus Wolf was a former head of the East German foreign intelligence division of the Ministry for S
Joachim Fest 14/09/2006 Read Article Although he wrote about many aspects of the Germany of his childhood, Nazi Germany, Joachim Fest wil
Klaus Conrad 02/09/2006 Read Article Josef Klaus appeared to be inaugurating a new era in Austrian politics when he headed the first sing
Rainer Barzel 29/08/2006 Read Article Rainer Barzel chaired the German Christian Democratic parliamentary group for 10 years, later becomi
Rut Brandt 05/08/2006 Read Article Rut Brandt was for 32 years married to Willy Brandt, supporting him during his early political caree
Johannes Rau 28/01/2006 Read Article As President of Germany from 1999 to 2004, Johannes Rau urged his fellow citizens to open their door
Franz Schönhuber 30/11/2005 Read Article Franz Schönhuber hit the headlines in 1981 after he was fired from his job as deputy chief editor of
Geoffrey Stern 22/10/2005 Read Article Geoffrey Stern spent all his working career as an international relations specialist at the London S
Carl Amery 13/08/2005 Read Article Carl Amery was one of the spiritual fathers of the German Greens and influenced the ecology movement
Paul Ricoeur 25/05/2005 Read Article The philosopher Paul Ricoeur was the last of the dazzling group of French intellectuals who came to
Prof Kurt Sontheimer 21/05/2005 Read Article Kurt Sontheimer was one of the most influential German intellectuals of the post-war generation, who
Hans-Jürgen Wischnewski 28/02/2005 Read Article The German Social Democratic minister Hans-Jürgen Wischnewski came to world prominence in October 19
Prof Josef Paul Kleihues 10/09/2004 Read Article Josef Paul Kleihues was an outstanding architect who over decades helped to transform the face of Be
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Thomas Brasch 29/11/2001 More Info  
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Beate Uhse 10/09/2001 More Info  
Josef Klaus 30/07/2001 More Info  
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Michaela Geiger 26/01/1999 More Info  
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Admiral Otto Kretschmer 25/08/1998 More Info  
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Professor Richard Hiscocks 11/08/1998 More Info  
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