A Nottingham response to the Paris massacres of January 2015


Above:  Friends of understanding in Nottingham, 10 January 2015.   Brian Clough, our famous Football Manager, looks on triumphedly

Celebrating the birthday of Prophet Muhammad ‘peace be upon him’, a group of Nottingham Muslims handed out about two thousand red roses to shoppers. ‘The rose is a symbol of love, peace and harmony, and that is something we want to share,’ Waheed Zaman, the founder of the Islamic group KQZ Institute, told the Nottingham Post on Saturday, 10 January ‘The timing has become more significant,’ he said, ‘but we had planned to do it anyway as a celebration of the birth month of Muhammad.’ Given the publicity on TV and the large number of Muslims living in Nottingham the turnout was modest.


Nottingham Police Commissioner Paddy Tipping with Iman Khalid Hussain and Waheed Zaman both from the KQZ Institute.

Tipping commented, ‘The events in Paris are tragic but here in Nottingham we want to show that we are strong and united, whatever background we come from.’ He also said that Muslims had suffered more than any others, world-wide, from violent deaths. What he did not mention was that many of them were self-inflicted resulting from the Shia/Sunni clashes worldwide. After the address, volunteers handed out roses to passers-by.





David Childs exchanges views with Iman Khalid Hussain